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Sterilization Service USA (SSUSA) was formed in 2009 to provide superior continuous heat treatment for dry/wet food products to reduce or eliminate contamination of delicate nutraceutical ingredients such as herbs, spices, botanicals, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables (cut and powder form) etc. The sterilization can be performed for products of all shapes: whole, pieces, leaves, chopped, crushed, powdered etc.

This patented technology is specifically advantageous for aromatic products such as herbs and botanicals that are very sensitive to heat and moisture. The sterilization process has been optimized to minimize the impact of sterilization on Flavor and Taste (less than 5-8% of the oil content is lost during the process), Color (no drastic change of color) and Moisture (patented exclusive dry steam device maintains the natural moisture).

SSUSA was formed to provide organic sterilization in response to the FDA's ban on sterilizing raw nutraceutical with ethylene oxide and irradiation. In addition to sterilization of nutraceutical ingredients, SSUSA provides toll sterilization services for the food and spice industry. SSUSA has a capacity of 8-10 tons of sterilization per day, depending upon the initial microbial load and product flow characteristics.

SSUSA, with the support of our European collaborative organization, has ingredient specific protocol library for sterilization of numerous nutraceutical, food and herbal products. This library of control parameters allows SSUSA to maintain the stability of volatile oils, natural moisture content and color. Examples of recently treated products can be found in the Industry served section.
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